Nick Duane

Indie Singer/Songwriter

Growing up in Rhode Island, music was one of the first things I  connected to.

  Along the way I had changed from listening to songs, to playing either Bass or Guitar with friends. We formed copy bands playing songs and eventually after time I graduated to original bands, writing original music, finding my own voice, following that muse.

My favorite part of playing music has always been the creation of music. Working on the various parts and arranging it, the construction and then completion of the song.  

   The last few years of output have resulted in a slew of singles,  4 albums ('Confessions', 'When We Said Goodbye', 'Before The Storm', 'Broken Promises') and 1 EP ('Remake Remix').

You can find Nick's songs on 'Bandcamp' and all major

streaming platforms.

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Nick Duane

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