Nick Duane

Indie / Rock

Nick Duane from Providence, R.I. is an American alternative-rock indie songwriter whose style has embraced a wide range of musical genres and influences. His songwriting brings to mind the classic pop-rock tracks that came out of both England and the US during the late 80s and 90s. He has played both Bass and Guitar with several New England regional acts and is a decades long advocate for original music..Stylistically, his music can be described as indie rock infused with ambient synth pop…


............ One of the founding members of The Backslap Blues Band.............

             (the first band to appear at the now legendary nightclub, Lupos Heartbreak Hotel)


          A member of  the WBRU battle of the bands winner , DC TENZ...….


The Limelight Magazine Music Awards show  2013  Singer-Songwriter of the Year (Runner Up) award.